Crystal Clear Environmental’s modular systems are the core of our business. These systems are mobile, requires minimal effort to setup and highly reliable.

Due to the high costs of building water treatment plants and sewage treatment facilities, people are often denied safe drinking water and proper sanitation amenities.

Our modular systems can easily be deploy to strategic areas for  the immediate relief of water supply scarcity and overloaded sewage pits.

Water Purification Systems (WTP)

Fresh water is the most fundamental resource to sustain civilization and any other economic activities. Although most cities are located near some form of water source, it is likely that the water cannot be used directly without any form of treatment. Pollutants such as bacteria, parasites, fungus and chemicals in the water may present a serious threat to the wellbeing to people when consumed.

Crystal Clear designs and produce scalable water purification system with cost and ease of operation in mind. Our systems are fitted in standard sized shipping containers, and may be operated directly from the container.

Figure: Disaster relief modular unit demonstration
Waste Water Treatment Systems (WWTP)

Wastewater treatment is a process to improve and purify the water, removing some or all of the contaminants, to make it fit for reuse or discharge back to the environment.  In many parts of the world, health problems and diseases have often been caused by discharging untreated or inadequately treated wastewater.  Wastewater is produced at ratio proportional to the amount of fresh water used by the population.

Crystal Clear Environmental has designed our modularised wastewater systems to be able to operate independently  at remote locations. This system may be deployed to treat a localised source of wastewater, thus reducing the need of extensive pipeline, pump stations and other infrastructures.

Figure: Modular Sewage Treatment System


Crystal Clear’s systems enables a safe and localized access to clean water.  With modern technology and design, we aim to minimize the cost to treat and recycle this precious resource