Welcome To Crystal Clear Environmental

What we do

Crystal Clear Environmental is a Technology oriented company that focuses on water technologies and implementing environmental sustainable solutions such as using internet of things (IOT) to monitor power consumption, energy storage and management solutions

We design and offer customized water treatment systems for different applications, from municipal, right up to F&B, textile, & petrol-chemical wastewater

Crystal Clear also provides data analytics and machine learning ranging from energy management to motor degradation monitoring.

Our Mission

To provide sustainable water treatment and energy management solutions

To innovate on new technologies that has a positive effect for the environment

How much are we treating now?

As of Jul 2024

[qcld-ichart label=”Municipal,Hospital,F&B,Industrial” value=”4,1,1,2″ type=”pie” title=”Running and Cloud-connected Systems by Industry” datasetname=”Number of Systems” width=”” backgroundcolor=”” bgcolor=”‘#dd9933′,’#81d742′,’#1e73be’,’#8224e3′” bordercolor=”” pointerstyle=”line” linestyle=””]

Total Volume: 2,500m3/day

Company Updates

  • Featured on GWI

    Featured on GWI

    Crystal Clear Environmental is very honored to be highlighted in the prestigious Global Water Intelligence article

    Feb 2022

  • Other than water?

    Other than water?

    Crystal Clear provides the backbone data analysis and platform infrastructure to help energy consultant monitor businesses beyond water treatment plants

    Dec 2021

  • Techinnovation Event

    Techinnovation Event

    Crystal Clear Environmental was invited to participate in the techinnovation talk hosted by IPI and ESG.

    In the sharing session, Crystal Clear shared with the audiences on our take in wastewater treatment using new technologies such as our AOP technology as part of a urban sustainability solution.

    Dec 2020

  • PUB Digitalization Talk

    PUB Digitalization Talk

    Crystal Clear Environmenal was invited by (singapore water association) SWA and PUB to present our company’s road map to corporate digitalization.

    At the talk, we shared with the attendees on our current capabilities in monitoring all of our systems with assistance by algorithm, and our vision to extend our digitalization into project planning and system design

    Dec 2020