IIoT Platform

Industrial IoT (IIoT) Platform

In today’s IoT and Industry 4.0 era, not only smart home appliances are connected through internet, industrial equipments and devices should also be equipped with sensors and able to transmit data to the cloud. Round-the-clock and remotely accessible connectivity benefits system operators in many ways such as:

  • Getting timely data and status of the systems; hence swift resolution of the issues
  • Less physical involvement in maintenance and repairs at the harmful and hazardous sites
  • Being able to analyse data pattern and system performance through IoT platform

In Crystal Clear Environmental, we develop an in-house IIoT solution and platform which focuses on wastewater industry.

Figure: Crystal Clear Portal web interface

Unlike many other EPC companies that require the clients to engage with third party IoT solution provider should they need such technology, the products and solutions from Crystal Clear Environmental are built with remote monitoring and control capabilities. As a result, our clients can expect a cheaper and more streamlined end-to-end wastewater treatment systems and solutions.

In addition to the usual IIoT offerings, Crystal Clear IIoT platform has machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) built in. The AI monitors the systems when human can’t and produces preventive as well as predictive alerts and reports for operators to easily attend to. The clients can also reduce the total man-hours required to run the system by relying on the AI to run it semi-autonomously thus saving cost in the long run.