‘At Crystal Clear Environmental,  we believe in working hand-in-hand with our clients. To take their situation as our own predicament, formulating the most suitable solution to meet their needs.’

Our services includes:

1)  Consultation and site-visiting : To understand the actual problem.

2)  System design : Each water solution is different from one another. In order to utilize our systems in the most efficient manner, a proper overall design and planning is required to ensure optimal production.

3)  Project Management : Complete Solution Design.


Our System Deployment Scheme


With the advancement of IOT & cloud networking technologies in the recent years, Crystal Clear Environmental has found the an efficient solution to control and monitor our modularised water systems through the use of PLC cloud services. Each of these systems may be customised according to a particular project, providing a unique system design and implementation plan. Henceforth, there is now an unprecedented level of control over small scale systems, resulting in a larger scale of operations.