We believe in working together

At Crystal Clear Environmental, we look forward to collaborate and/or partner with businesses, governmental bodies & individuals in the areas of system automation and water treatment technologies

We see this as an absolute win-win situation whereby both sides gets an upgrade on their ideas and technologies

No man is an island. When we share our knowledge and experiences, we can make the world a better place one technology at a time

CCE IOT Platform

We welcome any businesses, individuals, or students to make use of our online IOT platform to aid in their own projects

Our platform is made to be universally adaptable and will be able to match with any devices or instruments commonly available on the market

System Setup & Piloting

We are able to help in setups or demonstrations in relation to water or environmental technologies

Working hand-in-hand with our remote IOT platform, the entire setup may be seamlessly control via mobile tables or hand phones

Customized Systems

Crystal Clear Environmental is able to help customize systems and plants to optimize user experience

We are able to refit existing systems with upgraded technologies or IOT capabilities

Co-Research & Innovate

Crystal Clear Environmental has always kept an innovative mindset and passion in doing things in a new way

We welcome any party that is willing to co-develop any new innovations or technology with us