About Crystal Clear Environmental

Crystal Clear Environmental Pte Ltd (CCE) is a Singapore based company that specializes in Water treatment technologies & IOT implementations. Our business is in water/ wastewater treatment, Environmental Sustainability & affordable remote AI control services.

CCE’s scope of work includes engineering consultation in water treatment projects, design & build modular water treatment systems, & implement IOT services to systems. As such, we work with a multitude of clients ranging from other water companies, property developers, factory owners and independent project owners.

Moving beyond the Covid 19 era, Crystal Clear Environmental will also be involving ourselves with energy & water resource conservation through data analytics and machine learning. Electricity storage, connectivity and management will be another of our key business focus.

Key Personnel

Mr Frank Tan:

  • Founder of the company and chief of business development
  • Honors in applied physics at Nanyang Technological University researching in Nano-materials and advanced energy sources
  • Innovation driver and new ideas formulator of the company

Mr Soe Thet:

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • IT lead specialising in systems integration
  • Over 8 years of working experience in web platform and application development

Mr Glen Oakley:

  • Administration adviser & investors relations officer
  • MBA at Harvard University & more than 20 years of management experience
  • Work experience in many different cultures and countries such as China, Pakistan, Philippines, Dubai, and more.

Miss Yang Jia:

  • Legal consultant of Crystal Clear Environmental
  • 10 Years of experience in M & A acquisitions and investors relations
  • Main driving force behind B to B co-operations

Some of our Clients: