Internet Of Things Services

In today’s IoT and Industry 4.0 era, industrial equipment and devices are being equipped with sensors and made to transmit data to the cloud. Round-the-clock and remotely accessible connectivity benefits system operators in many ways such as:

  • Getting timely data and status of the systems; hence swift resolution of the issues
  • Less physical involvement in maintenance and repairs at the harmful and hazardous sites
  • Being able to analyse data pattern and system performance through IoT platform

Remote monitoring and control

At Crystal Clear Environmental, we have developed our in-house IIoT platform which focuses primarily on the water/wastewater treatment industry

Named as the “Crystal Clear Portal”, our platform provides a more streamlined end-to-end water treatment systems to our clients with the help of remote monitoring and control as well as data analytics tools

This innovative platform may be applied to help other industries to optimize their automation processes and energy/water conservation objectives

System Diagnostics Learning

Crystal Clear Portal provides a few levels of diagnostic tools that is useful for analyzing the well-being of remote systems

To give an example, one of the feature is to track and rank the total running time for each and every IOT linked equipment on the remote system

From the gathered data, the platform can predict accurately when maintenance is required and also produce a hierarchical list of all items that is likely to need maintenance and replacement of spare parts

On a higher level of learning, our diagnostic tools may draw correlations between equipment and advice systemic maintenance of entire process chain rather than individual equipment

Algorithm Control and Assisted Decision-Making

With advance diagnostics in place, Crystal Clear Environmental may apply learning algorithms to our systems

Generally, our systems are always functioning in cyclic processes, which is the best & most straightforward application for learning algorithms

To cater for each and every user preferences, our AI control may be in direct control of the water system or set to assist in decision making for the user (we call this advice-to-act or ATA)