Our Experiences

Throughout the years, Crystal Clear Environmental have accumulated many valuable experiences around the Asia. Providing water treatment services to businesses and projects have taught us that our customers are always looking for better and simpler ways to deal with water related problems.

Asia Royal Hospital

CCE was commissioned to build an underground SBR system below the basement car park of the hospital

The project was challenging due to the unpredictable nature and volume of wastewater coming into the system from the hospital

The system also have to ensure that there is no detectable smell that may cause discomfort to the staff and visitors at the hospital

Cambodia Containerized Water Purification System

CCE’s containerized ultra-filtration system was used to provide temporary potable water in situations whereby the only sources of water are either rivers or shallow wells

Cambodia rivers have proven to be silty, hence the uptake of water from open sources have proven to be a challenge

Agriculture Bank of China staff Training center

The ABC staff training center is located outside of town and the facility is either full of staff members during training sessions or almost totally vacant when training was not conducted

This challenge is exacerbated by washing waters coming into the raw wastewater when housekeepers cleaned up after the training was over

Without municipal wastewater coming in, and high levels of detergent, the wastewater system faced serious challenges to maintain year round strict effluent discharge

MBR technology was used to implement this system and together with calculated phosphorus absorption, the entire system fulfilled the expected effluent ever since