Water Technologies

Modular Self-Sustaining Systems

Modular Treatment Systems are increasingly becoming more significant among various types of water/wastewater treatment solutions

This is due to the fact that many technologies have smaller deployment footprint now, and the demand for water treatment services are moving towards catering for smaller clusters of people/facilities

Crystal Clear Environmental provides customized modular systems for our customers that suit different needs and capacity for small-medium type of deployment

These systems are generally designed to be highly mobile and can be setup within one working day

Incorporating our IOT services into modular water treatment systems, Crystal Clear Environmental provides a hands-free solution for running groups of modular system

With data analysis, our systems have the capacity to self-regulate its parameters and achieve a competent level of perpetual self-sustaining operation

This operation advantage lowers the require manpower for maintenance of the systems and hence increases the total number of plants able to the managed by a singular technician

In this way, the operational costs of water treatment systems may be greatly reduced for cluster deployments

Advanced MBBR Technology

Moving Bed Bio-Reactor (MBBR) technology is an advancement over traditional activated sludge wastewater systems

To a certain extend, MBBR systems have greater dissolved COD/BOD reduction as compare to other technologies such as SBR, activated sludge, fixed bio-filter bed, or trickling filter (vertical towers) type of systems

However more advanced technologies such as micro-filtration, ultra-filtration (MBR), & some hybrid chemical-biological systems have shown to produce better effluent qualities than a typical MBBR system

At Crystal Clear Environmental, innovation through our past experiences with MBBR have given rise to a new improved version now termed as Advanced Moving Bed Bio-Reactor (AMBBR), which could produce MBR comparable high quality effluent but at 15-20% lower operational costs

The AMBBR system could achieve high denitrification, significant phosphorus reduction & almost complete removal of total suspended solids

We achieved an average MLVSS 20-30% higher than any typical MBBR system, while keeping the sludge density low enough to prevent anoxic conditions while having low energy consumption

This system is excellent for deployments dealing with municipal or food related industries that is very much restricted by tight setup areas

The treated effluent may be recycled or discharged directly to the open environment

Advanced Oxidation Process Technology

Crystal Clear Environmental is proud to present our own unique take on the development of advanced oxidation process (AOP) technology

Our photo-catalytic process generates substantial amount of hydroxyl radicals in the aqueous medium without the need to introduce dangerous substances such as peroxide or pure oxygen

Using learning algorithms, the IOT enabled system recycles & process each batch of wastewater to the required effluent parameters

This combined process have proven to achieve cost-effective treatment results while generally much cheaper than any known high yield AOP processes in the market

The overall system deployment footprint is small as compared to other types of AOP systems with comparable treatment capabilities

Hence our AOP system excels in areas whereby a cheaper solution is required to handle highly concentrated types of industrial wastewater

Factories & chemical plants produces highly concentrated wastewater when production cycle stops or when the desired output product is being modified

In essence, our technology enables businesses to swap production cheaply or conduct clean-in-place (CIP) using large amount of water by providing an economical solution to them